Friday, 2 September 2016

Winter sport post!!!


                                    WHAT: I have been involved 

       winter sport this year.

    so what: my highlights at winter sport would be... getting to know my team mates more. Also being a part of the team. And it was awesome how all of us were getting to know more of our strengths and weaknesses in netball witch was really cool. When we would be versing another really good netball  team we would always partner one of our team mates with another one by highlights. For example myself and another girl/boy my height I would be with them if say I was attack I would get partnered with a defence around my height.

Now What: I could still improve on in netball is... I want to be more accurate in shooting when I'm attack because i'm always defence because i'm most good at that and I never get a chance to be attack.

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