Thursday, 15 September 2016

Lincoln primary technology

What: We  had a go at some of the technology at Lincoln.

So what: at Lincoln primary we got split into big groups of 10 and then we got started into the technology.
so my group was called the blue group the first activity we (the blue group) did was sewing it was really awesome because we made emoji's it was very tricky and tough, the hardest thing in sewing for me was trying to knot the needle and thread (so basically getting ready to thread in threw the fabric) and it was also very tricky because we only had about half an hour on each activity then we did 3D printing then last but not least food technology.My favourite was probably sewing.

Now what: I am looking forward  to doing more cool stuff like this in the future like this I would probably be most exited for sewing again because I made this really awesome emoji.

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