Friday, 28 August 2015

I'm a milk monitor😀

Yay!  Guess what something a bit exciting has happened! I'm officially a milk monitor.  So what
a milk monitor is is this.  Since we have two milk fridges at school (Oaklands school)  Year 5 
I'm a year five we get too choose a class like a year one or two class we get too choose one of those 
classes to deliver the milk to because it saves them time to come all the way from their 
classes to grab themselves some milk so we just do it for them😃!!!.

Wednesday, 19 August 2015


Room 5 and 6 (56 jump street) are reading this book
called Wonder.  It's about this boy called August some people call
him Auggie. August has a cleft palet so that means he doesn't
have a roof in his mouth and his lip goes up to his nose and he has some problems with his face.So then August went tooschool and lots of kids are being mean too him.

My next step is to add more detail