Wednesday, 9 November 2016


 WHAT: This week the year 5/6 have been involved in some science.
SO WHAT: This week we have been involved in science for this weeks integrated learning topic. Our class ( room 10 ) have been to 3 classes for science already because we do this thing how one day say we might go to room 5 and then the next day we might go to room 11 for science and today (9.11.16) we are going to room 24. So far we have learnt about the water cycle,planets,the earths layer. Did you know that mars has got 2 moons.
NOW WHAT:I think that I would like to learn more about the earths layer because it sounds really interesting.

Thursday, 3 November 2016

Character day!

WHAT: I have been involved in literacy week in term 4 by...
SO WHAT: I have been involved in literacy by dressing up as a character and who do you think I dressed up as? Well I can tell you if you keep reading well I dressed up as...  Thing 3 from Dr. Suess and some of my other friends dressed up as other characters from the same story.
NOW WHAT:My Asttle gap for writing was vocabulary and punctuation and now I'd like to make sure I try and focus on my gaps when I write my next story.