Wednesday, 29 July 2015

my maths

My maths! My maths has been quite interesting because my maths group
is called the Ruby Lipped Bat Fish or you can call it the Red Lipped Bat Fish so we well my whole
maths group has been busy with this thing called renaming when we are subtracting.

This is really pretty fun because you can do it with + or - so you have some
numbers on top of numbers and so this is what it looks like 1564
                                                                                             - 4975

so if you can't do something you have to borrow something from next door so yeah.

My next step is to learn what to do when there is a '0' in the top number and I need to borrow from it.

Here is my 20 digit subtraction:

Precept Number 2

I think it means….
I think that deeds are good things so lots and lots of people probably want deeds to happen to
them (good things)  I think this because if you are nice too someone they will probably be nice to you so
treat others as you would like to be treated. If you want to be treated nicely think about
how others want to be treated too. As in if you buy one of your friends a box of
chocolates they will obviously thank you and be nice to you and ask if you want anything to repay you.

Thursday, 23 July 2015

this week

This week it has been fantastic because room 6 has been doing SRL!This week we have also
been busy with wait for it wait for it it has been very fun so far it is super novel
studies. I know it sounds really super duper boring. But on the bright side
it is super fun.So this is how you do novel studies.First
you get a book mine is the twits Miss H gives you a book and gives you a puzzle like thing
and you have to do this other stuff.My next step is to successfully complete my book

Friday, 3 July 2015

Full chill licence

I was so exited yesterday when it was Thursday because I received my full chill licence 

This is it

Wednesday, 1 July 2015


Boom! They crashed together the horse and the octopus crashed together because the
horse fell in the sea.Now they're one animal swimming in the summer side ocean.

Now they are called octohorse. We'll he is called octohorse.They have got to think outside the 
box the horse tried and tried to get the octopus out of the water 
but there was no use he couldn't he used all his muscles 
but it still didn't work! He tried calling for help but he remembers he couldn't speak so one
day there was a huge storm and the waves were going

They though that they would die sleeping in the ocean .The next day they found some sort
of potion in the sea so they decided to drink it.So they did and boom! They weren't 
octohorse any more they were octopus and horse.