Wednesday, 1 July 2015


Boom! They crashed together the horse and the octopus crashed together because the
horse fell in the sea.Now they're one animal swimming in the summer side ocean.

Now they are called octohorse. We'll he is called octohorse.They have got to think outside the 
box the horse tried and tried to get the octopus out of the water 
but there was no use he couldn't he used all his muscles 
but it still didn't work! He tried calling for help but he remembers he couldn't speak so one
day there was a huge storm and the waves were going

They though that they would die sleeping in the ocean .The next day they found some sort
of potion in the sea so they decided to drink it.So they did and boom! They weren't 
octohorse any more they were octopus and horse. 

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